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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come".
                                                                                        Victor Hugo

18 May 2010

The beginning

On May 18th 2010, right here at this very forum,
Laszlo Hanyecz order a pizza using bitcoin.


22 May 2010

Sucessfully traded

Four days later, he reported that the deal with user Jercos was closed, 10.000 BTC for two pizzas.


Laszlo coin reckons this transaction as a historical moment for the humanity! 

On this day, Laszlo Hanyecz gave the world the first step on crypto coins business. It's been eight years since then, and besides the disbelieve, cryptocoins are getting strong and valueble. Forjed by this glorious moment, symbol of a new era, we introduce you the Laszlo coin. 

Laszlo journey

The journey
Laszlo coin was created and developed by a team of inhabitants of the world Crypto, passionate and established there since 2013.
 Our coin, like Bitcoin, which was used in the first transaction of the Cryptomoedas, has 21 million units and eight decimals.
The Laszlo Foundation, managed by five-person team, is not for profit, has honesty and transparency as its motto.
  Laszlo coin will be distributed free of charge to its users until the 10-year anniversary of Laszlo Hanyecz's historic transaction, on May 18, 2020.
The Laszlo Foundation intends to share the decisions on how to act to achieve a bright future, with all users of our laszlo coin, who will have the right to vote.
The Laszlo Foundation, together with its users, aims to transform the passion for crypto-coins, into a reality, in which the world recognizes and uses more and more this wonderful creation, whose potential reaches freedom for the peoples, currently muzzled by tyrants economic still in power.

The future
The Laszlo Foundation will be committed to creating solutions for the use of our laszlo coin.  Besides the Laszlo coin being a collectible good and a reserve of value, it can be used in various situations of the day to day.  Our network is able to confirm transactions in a few seconds.  There will be many relevant Web applications, ready to accept Laszlo coin.  We will encourage commerce in general, focusing on pizzerias, to accept our laszlo coin as a means of payment.  We will reward * all our users that bring ideas and suggestions that end up applied, for contributing significantly to the use of our coin.  Every year on May 22, we will make a donation to Bitwala, a German-based bitcoins bank startup, which has started a campaign together with criptomoeda community, to donate slices of pizza, using bitcoin, for refugee children in Berlin. Other donations will go to Champions Ohne Grenzen, a Berlin NGO that works with children.
Further information can be found at We will get in touch with these people.
Our community may suggest other foundations that care for needy people around the world so they can also receive donations.
 On May 18, 2020, the 10-year anniversary of the posting of the illustrious Mr. Laszlo Hanyecz, we will send a generous amount ** of our laszlo coin to him, for his relevant contributions to the history of Cryptomoedas.

* The award form will be disclosed in a timely manner
 ** Revealed in voting from our users

Laszlo in the box

What's in the box
-You will be able to send and receive our coin in any part of the world.
- You will get confirmation of the transactions in a few seconds.
- We will have a wallet with easy access for computer use and mobile friendly.
- Instructions manual. (on our first page website)
- We gave a hard working team with the goal to be the top 100 until 2020.
- Batteries not included ( no need to worry about that :)

The Distribution
We intent to give freely to our users 80% of the existing Laszlo coins. We will reservate 13% of the whole for exclusive investment of our coin. Everything will be accounted in a clear and transparent way on our website, so our users can vote and be informed of our investments. A share of this will be comercialized and every share gained will be used foe the costs for sending our coin for our users and for investments in our coin. The remainder of it, which corresponds to 7%, will be distributed among our team, as salary.


Laszlo Technical Data 

Smart Contract : 0x1C623FDa1631149e57a8FBffa2510B6274B542a5
Ticker Symbol : LZL
Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 21 000 000  

The Team: The commitment, involvement and pizzazz.

Our team is formed by young people, experienced, hardworking and the most importantly, is committed to what they do. We will use as pillars of our work, something that we consider fundamental, will be the focus of all this work and will always be on our side, the honesty.
We are aware that without the trust of our users, we will not go far with this great project. We know that without honesty, no work will reap ripe and tasty fruit. Impelled by this premise, we are sure that we will achieve our goals in a transparent, loyal and sincere way with our users.
Let us all together, with the joy of the certainty of success,contribute to making our laszlo coin a useful tool that can help people in this world to have freedom and financial bonanza.

Remember, the keyword is pizzazz!


Anibal G. Branco


Marketing Director

Raquel Gramiscelli B.

Marketing Director

Technology Director

Arthur Branco

Technology Director

Creative Director

Henrique G. B.

Creative Director



Mascot and Guardianship.

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May the force be with us!

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

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